Interior Styling

Interior Styling Services

As your Los Angeles based Interior Stylist, Liz Duzian will make achieving a functional and beautiful home, possible.  All three options below include interior styling consultation, support, customized mood boards, and personalized shopping assistance. Fill out the questionairre to get started.

Option 1: Onsite Interior Styling Services

Overwhelmed by agonizing questions like what rug to put under your coffee table? Not sure why a particular room doesn’t quite feel right? Allow Liz to work on location, in the space itself, transforming your home into something you can take pride in. From layout to shopping, Liz’s hands-on, dedicated approach will leave you free to step away and watch as your room style dreams are realized. The goal is always to create a  space that not only makes sense, but is a place you love being in. Fill out the questionnaire, submit a photo of your room(s) or isolated space and Liz will send an estimate. Fee options: all inclusive package fees include styling and purchasing

This is a full service home styling service. If you are looking for Home Staging for your home, please click here.

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Option 2: e-Design Interior Styling

While onsite styling is her speciality, Liz provides an e-design service for clients who need professional style consultation and purchasing assistance, but are confident in doing the rest themselves. e-Design clients receive the same dedicated style service and style expertise as onsite clients, a mood board to reference, shopping list, and tips. To start, fill out the questionnaire and attach photos of the space(s) you’d like to have designed. You’ll receive an estimate and once approved, Liz will start her work on your space. Fee options: base style fee + accessories

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Option 3: One-Day Styling

Watch Liz transform your room into a usable space using primarily what you have on hand. Oh yes, it can be done! This is a great option for clients who have all the furniture and accessories but have no clue how to pull them all together. To start, fill out the questionnaire, upload photos of the space(s), and Liz will contact you. Additional furniture and accessories may be necessary to achieve your design goals. Fee  options: hourly style fee + additional accessories

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